Using a DPLA Account

Anyone can browse, search, and view exhibitions in DPLA without signing up for a user account. Signing up for an account lets you save searches and items and create playlists for your own use or to share with others.

Signing up for an account

To sign up for a new user account, click on the “Sign Up” link in the upper right corner of the DPLA website. A “Sign Up” window will appear, asking you to enter your email address, username, and password.


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Please follow the link in the confirmation email to activate your account.

Viewing your profile

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see your username appear in the top right corner of the screen. Click on your name to get your profile.

Lists and Saved Searches

Creating a list

Example lists 
Snowy scenes »
New York State History »
The moon »
Retro lunch boxes »
People playing sports »

DPLA allows you to create lists of saved items—for example, photos of the Everglades for a homework assignment, or documents about people who share your last name for a genealogy project. To create a new list, go to the “Saved Items & Lists” tab of your profile, and click the orange “Add New” button in the sidebar. You can give your new list a title and a short description. You can also choose whether your list is private (viewable only by you), or public (viewable by anyone). To make your list private, check the “Private” box before saving your new list.

Saving an item to a list

You can save items to your lists by clicking on the orange “Save to…” button on an item page, then choosing the list to which you’d like to add the item.

Viewing and deleting saved items and lists

All saved items and lists are displayed under the “Saved Items & Lists” tab of your profile. To delete an item or list, click the red “x” next to the item or list’s name. You can also delete an item by selecting its checkbox and clicking on the orange “Remove” button.

Sharing a list

Lists can be either public (viewable by anyone) or private (viewable only by you). To change the privacy status of a list, click on the “edit” link next to the list’s name, then toggle the “Privacy” checkbox. Sharing your public list with others is super easy: simply copy the URL of your list. That’s it!


Saving a search

Once you’re logged in to DPLA, you can save searches you’ve performed so that you have easy access to the results. To save a list of search results, simply click the orange “Save” button. Any search you’ve saved, including those with filters, will be available under the “Saved Searches” tab of your profile.



Creating and Using Your DPLA Account

Created by graduate students at the University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies This two-part tutorial shows you how to sign up for an account on the Digital Public Library of America’s website. It also covers how to create a search and save the results to the account.