DPLA Center for Scholarship and Academic Discourse

Name: Richard Walker
Affiliation: Charter Oak State College
URL: TheDPLACenterforScholarshipandAcademicDiscourse.pdf

The proposed DPLA Center for Scholarship and Academic Discourse is a database that would include users who are good at contextualizing sources—teachers, faculty, scientists, engineers, writers, humanists, lawyers, alumni, tutors, businesspeople, entrepreneurs etc.—to encourage research and learning.

One system for connecting experts and researchers is Zintro, whose founder has expressed willingness to accommodate the DPLA and serve students, teachers, and faculty. The Center would also use the power of LinkedIn for identification and discussions. The bios on LinkedIn would be enhanced in a manner similar to the new Cambridge College Alumni Profiles booklet. The Center will utilize college and association speakers’ bureaus, and alumni offices, to solicit not only biographies but bibliographies, syllabi, abstracts, papers, essays, stories, etc.  Each of these would be searchable.

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