Name: Mark MacGillivray
Affiliation: Open Knowledge Foundation, University of Edinburgh, Cottage
Partners: University of California Berkeley, Open Knowledge Foundation, University of Edinburgh, Cottage Labs, Cambridge University, JISC

This submission aims to demonstrate solutions to some of the needs of the DPLA by providing a method by which the library can enable individuals and small groups to share and manage their bibliographic collections. By enabling conversion from various formats into BibJSON, the DPLA can add value by providing faceted search across those collections and by providing tools for using the content of those collections in other ways, such as embedding them in an online article.

The project suggests that the DPLA engage with individuals and small groups by building the useful tools, proposing a minimalist format that enables tools that incentivises people to parse and share their data, thereby increasing community engagement whilst creating a large (distributed or centralised) collection of records—the BibSoup.

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