A public demo of OCLC’s Crosswalk Web Service

A public demo of OCLC’s Crosswalk Web Service

Names: Carol Jean Godby,Eric Childress, Claire Cocco
Affiliation: OCLC

This submission describes a web service that OCLC has made available for Beta Sprint participants. The goal is not only to provide immediately useful functionality, but also to allow projects to get experience tying together web services, which is likely to be a core part of a future DPLA architecture.

OCLC has experience in translating metadata formats and is providing a set of tools for manipulating bibliographic metadata. These are delivered as a web service which may be used by Beta Sprint projects. OCLC has granted access and use of the web service to Sprint participants for the purposes described in this submission and will endeavor to provide the service for at least two years.

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