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We’re proud to display the names of those who have supported the DPLA financially. Do you want to be included on this list and get some sweet gifts in the process? Donate today!

Our supporters

Rachel Alexander • Jack Ammerman • Lucy Bernholz • Rachel Brydolf-Horwitz • Cathy Casserly • Thomas J. Casserly • Susan Chun • Alfred Cohen • Dan Cohen • Perry Collins • Susan Cooke • Paul Courant • Ginger Cucolo • David Cullen • Robert Darnton • Laura DeBonis • Paula De La Cruz • Jill Emery • Steven Foster • Rachel Frick • Linda Fuchs • William Fulton • Joshua Gay • Evan Gildenblatt • Emily Gore • Boone Gorges • Greater Boston Cooperative Library Association • Scott Hanrath • Ethan Henderson • Nate Hill • Sean Howe • Chris Jowaisas • Martin Kalfatovic • Breandán Knowlton • Betsy Kruger • Matthew Lennartz • David Lester • Kristen Liberman • Robert McDonald • Jack McGann • Dwight McInvaill • Amanda Mecke • Jadrian Miles • Lawrence Naukam • Jennifer Nolte • Joanna O’Brien • John Palfrey • Gabriel Portell • Sam Raker • Dušan Ranđelović • Mark Roquet • Thomas Scott • Patricia Seaver • Kathryn Shaughnessy • Anthony Smith • Siobhan Senier • Peter Steele • Siva Vaidhyanathan • James Wald • Bob Woodbury • Philip Young

Why they support DPLA

“As an organization, DPLA is fulfilling the dream of what “libraries in the internet age” can be. The dedication, transparency and collegiality of those involved in this great open project is inspirational. Donation in gratitude for what has already been done, and in anticipation of the work to come. Thanks!”

“To help insure that Americans are informed.”

“Everything about DPLA is inspiring!”

“I found DPLA extremely inspirational. Furthermore, I learned much from DPLA, the result of which is BBNS platform ( that me and my team have been building for couple of months. Thank you!”

“The collaborative spirit of the founders and present leaders.”

“DPLA opens up our rich cultural heritage for ALL – pretty awesome!”

“I support DPLA’s mission to provide open access to the riches of America’s libraries, archives, and museums.”

“Libraries have always been a place that have felt like home. I still have library cards from every place I’ve ever lived… San Diego, Montreal, all over Vermont, even Granada, Spain and the Yukon. I hope DPLA can be a home and a resource for many more readers and aspiring readers, wherever they find themselves.”

“DPLA is an amazing project that is helping to the make the public library a more modern, relevant, and awesome institution.”

“DPLA is opening data to the world, and deserves our support. How can you argue with making lives richer and better? In years to come DPLA will support an unshakeable, unbiased, impervious strata of information and inspiration.”

“It’s the best idea since sliced bread.”

“DPLA is DBomb!”