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DPLAfest 2015DPLAfest2015_BannerDesign_3_INDIANAPOLIS_FINAL_HORIZONTAL_FLAT CROPPED Hackathon (2015)

DPLAfest 2015, which took place on April 17-18, 2015 in Indianapolis, brought together hundreds to discuss everything from technology and development, to (e)books, law, genealogy, and education. Attendees at the DPLAfest 2015 hackathon were invited to collaborate with DPLA community members to build exciting apps and tools. Technical and non-technical attendees were encouraged to participate. The first hour of the hackathon featured a guided walk-through of how to create an app based on DPLA’s free, public API. You can find notes and slides from the DPLAfest 2015 hackathon here. You can find out more about DPLAfest 2015 here.


libhack-dpla-banner (1)LibHack 2014 (2014)

A DPLA co-sponsored event
LibHack was a library hackathon that took place on January 24, 2014 in the Special Collections Center on the 6th floor of the University of Pennsylvania’s Van Pelt Library. The event, sponsored by the LITA/ALCTS Library Code Year Interest Group, OCLC, and the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), included opportunities for beginning, intermediate, and advanced programmers to create something useful and to improve their coding skills. Several representatives from DPLA (including Director of Technology Mark Matienzo and Technology Specialist Mark Breedlove) were on hand to provide guidance and technical assistance to hackers. To read about what LibHack-ers created during this January 2014 event, check out Assistant Director for Content Amy Rudersdorf’s hackathon recap.


DPLA_Appfest_BannerAppfest (2012)

The first Appfest took place on November 8-9, 2012, at the Chattanooga Public Library on The 4th Floor. Appfest was an opportunity for developers, designers, hackers, and others interested in the DPLA to develop web and mobile apps, data visualization hacks, dashboard widgets to spice up an end-user’s homepage, or other compelling projects. There were no strict boundaries on the types of submissions accepted, except that they be open source (the DPLA platform is released under a AGPLv3 license) and interoperable with the DPLA platform.


BetaSprints_graphicartBeta Sprint (2011)

In May 2011, the Digital Public Library of America Steering Committee announced a Beta Sprint to seek ideas and models that demonstrated how the DPLA might index and provide access to a wide range of broadly distributed content. In September 2011, an independent review panel appointed by the DPLA Steering Committee reviewed the betas. Based on the panel’s recommendations, the Steering Committee invited creators of the nine betas to present their ideas during the first plenary meeting, in October 2011.