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Share an idea for an app, service, or other re/use of DPLA data

DPLA has an open API that enables people to hack millions of records describing cultural heritage resources held by institutions across the US. And, people are doing it — on their own, in groups, and through organized hackathons. But not everybody who has hack ideas knows how to code or has the time. Likewise, hackers aren’t always the ones with the great ideas. So, we’ve created a clearinghouse for DPLA hack ideas and projects.

Feel free to add to the list by filling out the form below. And, if you want to see what are folks are interested in, you can do so on our Current Ideas & Project page. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the App Library to see what others have already created.

For those interested in organizing a hackathon using the DPLA API, be sure to check out our Hackathon Planning Guide, a  short guide to organizing and convening one using cultural heritage data from GLAM organizations (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums).