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April 11, 2011

Press: “The library of the future”

“Creation of the Digital Public Library of America would be a notable step forward in keeping with that honorable tradition of public access to knowledge.”

April 7, 2011

Press: “E-book legal hassles for Kansas librarians: A big reason I’m rooting for the Harvard-hosted national digital library initiative to succeed”

From David Rothman: “We need a good alternative to the ugly status quo. The DPLA has the names and foundation connections to help create one if it will clarify its purposes and goals, respect public and school libraries, improve diversity, and otherwise shape up and reinvent itself.”

April 7, 2011

Press: “Effort to Form Universal Digital Public Library”

“The project’s ambitious mission, recently described in a four-page memorandum, is to ‘make the cultural and scientific heritage of humanity available, free of charge, to all.”

April 4, 2011

Press: “Digital Public Library of America”

“With the recent rejection of the Google Books settlement and the building of momentum behind the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) initiative, in incubation just across the Charles at Harvard’s Berkman Center.”

April 4, 2011

Press: “Thoughts on Crowds + Digital Public Library”

From Lucy Bernholz: “One line in this jumped out at me – ‘Meanwhile, others are chipping away at the millions of orphans [books], trying to find rights holders and to determine which books have fallen into the public domain.'”

April 4, 2011

Press: “Library Ebook Lending Under Attack”

“Library Renewal is committed to advocate for solutions with legislators, with users, with the media, with colleagues, and with the private sector, to find a way to renew the value of the library.”

April 4, 2011

Press: “On Robert Frost, fences, and electrons: Why we need two separate digital library systems for academics and the rest of America—and content exchanges and other neighborliness”

“Perhaps a National Digital Library of America could serve the public in general and a Scholarly Digital Library of America could enrich the campus community. Both ‘civilians’ and academics could use each other’s library systems for free, at least when copyright and licensing agreement allowed; and the two could pick up the other system’s exportable content and share a common infrastructure and standards.”

March 31, 2011

Press: “Thursday Threads: HarperCollins, Google Book Search Settlement, DPLA, Juggling Robots”

From Disruptive Library Technology Jester: “It is another e-books issue of DLTJ Thursday Threads with updates on three significant efforts: HarperCollins, Google Book Search Settlement, Digital Public Library of America. And, just for fun and to keep this from turning into purely a legal and blue-sky policy blog, we have a video of juggling robots.”

March 31, 2011

Press: “The First iPad User: Will President Obama work toward a truly public national digital library system, full of e-books and other goodies for K-12 and many other purposes?”

From David Rothman: “I commend DPLA for having a scholar-friendly vision, a ‘must.’ But that is not the same as a true public system with a wide range of content and services, and with K-12 and workforce education and training among the main priorities.”

March 29, 2011

Press: “Is All of Human Knowledge on the Internet?”

“Although establishing digital libraries depends on server space, real tug-of-war over how many knowledge works (books, recordings, other documents) will end up accessible online happens between librarians and lawyers.”

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