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Through public conferences, workshops, and participation in related events over the course of two years (2011-2013), the DPLA initiative brought together public and research librarians, authors, publishers, and educators together with interested parties from cultural organizations, state and local government, private industry, and the general public. The connections built through these events were fundamental to the launch of the DPLA in April 2013, and they continue to play an essential role in its growth. The materials below were produced during the planning initiative.

Note: These materials reflect the development of the DPLA over the course of the 2011-2013 planning initiative and shortly thereafter. As such, they may not reflect current thinking or approaches. For more information on DPLA’s current policies, please see our Policies page.

Planning Initiative Websites

General DPLA Planning Initiative Wiki

Developer Portal Wiki

DPLA Planning Initiative Website

Workshop Notes

[February 28, 2013] Content & Scope Workshop (.docx)

[December 6, 2012] Audience and Participation Workshop (pdf)

[September 20, 2012] Digital Hubs Pilot Project Kickoff Workshop (pdf)

[November 8-9, 2012] DPLA Appfest

[August 31, 2012] Governance Workshop (pdf)

[August 6, 2012] Content & Scope Workshop (pdf)

[July 27, 2012] Audience & Participation Workshop (pdf)

[March 13, 2012] Financial/Business Models Workshop (pdf)

[February 15, 2012] Governance Workshop (pdf)

[February 2, 2012] Content & Scope Workshop (.docx)

[January 24, 2012] Audience & Participation Workshop (pdf)

[December 9, 2011] Technical Working Meeting (pdf)

[June 14, 2011] Technical Workshop (pdf)

[May 16-17, 2011] Global Interoperability and Linked Data Workshop (pdf)

[March 1, 2011] Content & Scope Workshop (pdf)

Public Plenary Meetings

[April 18-19, 2013] DPLA Launch

[October 11-12, 2012] DPLA Midwest

[April 27, 2012] DPLA West

[October 21, 2011] DPLA Plenary Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting Notes

[February 14, 2013] Board of Directors call

[January 17, 2013] Board of Directors call

[December 17, 2012] Board of Directors call

[November 16, 2012] Board of Directors call

Steering Committee Notes

[June 12, 2012] Steering Committee Meeting

[October 21, 2011] Steering Committee Notes

[June 2011] Steering Committee Call Notes

[May 2011] Steering Committee Call Notes


[August 2012] Analogous Governance Models for the DPLA (pdf)

[March 2012] DPLA Concept Note (outdated; pdf)


[October 2012] Complete video from DPLA Midwest

[October 2012] Scenes from DPLA Midwest

[October 2012] DPLA Midwest Interviews

[October 2012] Video Update from Board of Directors President John Palfrey

[June 2012] Video update from Steering Committee Chair John Palfrey

[April 2012] Complete video from DPLA West

[April 2012] Video update from Steering Committee Chair John Palfrey

[October 2011] Complete video from DPLA East (first plenary meeting)

[September 2011] Video update from Steering Committee Chair John Palfrey

[June 2011] Video update from Steering Committee Chair John Palfrey

[May 2011] Video update from Steering Committee Chair John Palfrey

DPLA Operational Committees

The following operational committees helped bridge the transition from planning to operation following DPLA’s launch in April 2013 and were tasked generally with providing advice and recommendations on issues related to how DPLA operates as an organization, and specifically on issues related to the committee’s strategic focus. These committees were phased out in Fall 2015. To get involved in current topical work related to DPLA, check out DPLA Groups.

Advisory Committee

Composed of former Steering Committee members and others appointed by the Board of Directors, the Advisory Committee provided advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters of concern and interest to the Advisory Committee, its members, and DPLA in general. It deliberated on topics raised by other DPLA committees and crosscutting issues brought forth in public DPLA engagements, and it served an important advocacy and community-building role.

The convening members of the Advisory Committee included:

  • Carla Hayden, Enoch Pratt Free Library (Baltimore, MD)
  • Charles Henry, Council on Library and Information Resources
  • Michael Keller, Stanford University
  • Deanna Marcum, Ithaka S+R
  • Jerome McGann, University of Virginia
  • Dwight McInvaill, Georgetown County Library (South Carolina)
  • Peggy Rudd, Rudd Consulting
  • David Spadafora, The Newberry
  • Doron Weber,  Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • Michael York, New Hampshire State Library

Content Strategy Committee

The purpose of the Content Strategy Committee was to provide advice and recommendations to the Executive Director, Director for Content, and staff on matters pertaining to DPLA’s long-term strategy for identifying and acquiring new content, partnering with data- and service-providing organizations, and other related matters. It also recommended guidelines on bibliographic data, metadata, interoperability, and international cooperation, in coordination with the Technical Advisory Committee.

The convening members of the Content Strategy Committee included:

  • (Co-Chair) Emily Gore, DPLA
  • (Co-Chair) Rachel Frick, Digital Library Federation
  • Margy Avery, MIT Press
  • Christine Borgman, GSE&IS, UCLA
  • Peter Brantley, hypothes.is
  • Susan Chun, Cultural Heritage Consulting
  • Jill Cousins, Europeana
  • Linda Crowe, Peninsula Library System
  • Martin Gomez, University of Southern California Libraries
  • Robin Dale, LYRASIS
  • Robert Darnton, Harvard University; DPLA Board of Directors
  • Betsy Kruger, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
  • Dwight McInvaill, Georgetown County Library (South Carolina)
  • James Shulman, ARTstor
  • Jena Winberry, Council on Library and Information Resources
  • Jeremy York, HathiTrust

Legal Committee

The purpose of the Legal Committee was to inform the Board of Directors, Executive Director, and others about legal and copyright issues affecting equitable knowledge distribution in a digital world, including work toward better understanding and influencing digital lending, orphan works, international works, metadata ownership, strategies for tiered access, and dealing with vendors and materials under various kinds of restrictions. It also sought to facilitate engagement with the broader legal community around legal issues relevant to DPLA, digital libraries, and digital access in general.

The convening members of the Legal Committee included:

  • (Chair) Pam Samuelson, Berkeley Law School & School of Information
  • Paul Courant, University of Michigan; DPLA Board of Directors
  • Laura DeBonis, DPLA Board of Directors
  • Kim Dulin, Harvard Library Innovation Lab
  • Jane Ginsburg, Columbia Law School
  • Dave Hansen, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Law
  • David O’Brien, Berkman Center for Internet & Society
  • Jason Schultz, Berkeley Law

Marketing and Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Marketing and Outreach Committee was to provide advice and recommendations to the Executive Director, Director for Content, and staff on matters pertaining to DPLA’s strategies for marketing and community outreach, including developing community engagement events, identifying new and existing modalities/channels for DPLA to collaborate with organizations, and working to identify, describe, and target key institutional and personal end-user demographics. It also provided advice and recommendations to the Executive Director, Director for Content, and staff on matters pertaining to DPLA’s strategy for identifying and partnering with content- and service-providing organizations, in collaboration with the Content Strategy Committee.

The convening members of the Marketing and Outreach Committee included:

  • (Co-Chair) Carla Hayden, Enoch Pratt Free Library (Baltimore)
  • (Co-Chair) Nate Hill, Chattanooga Public Library
  • Rachel Bower, Scout Report
  • Michael Colford, Boston Public Library
  • Ginnie Cooper, Washington, DC Public Library
  • Chris Freeland, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Toby Greenwalt, Skokie Public Library
  • Luis Herrera, San Francisco Public Library; DPLA Board of Directors
  • Susan Hildreth, Institute of Museum and Library Science
  • Glen Hoptman, Lightbeam Group
  • Andrew McLaughlin, betaworks
  • Frances Pinter, Knowledge Unlatched
  • Tom Sanville, LYRASIS
  • Aaron Schmidt, Influx
  • Maureen Sullivan, American Library Association
  • Siva Vaidhyanathan, University of Virginia; DPLA Board of Directors

Technical Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Technical Advisory Committee was to provide advice and recommendations to the Executive Director, Director for Content, and staff on matters pertaining to DPLA’s long-term technical development, including ongoing development of the metadata platform, open API(s), front-end functionality, in-house and third-party applications, and other related endeavors. It also sought to facilitate engagement and enthusiasm within the larger tech community around the DPLA platform and its related components.

The convening members of the Technical Advisory Committee included:

  • (Chair) SJ Klein, Wikimedia Foundation
  • John Blyberg, Darien Public Library
  • Soleio Cuervo, Dropbox
  • Jamie Hollier, Anneal, Inc.; Commerce Kitchen; DPLA Board of Directors
  • Robert McDonald, Indiana University
  • Carole Palmer, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
  • Robert Stein, Dallas Museum of Art
  • Chuck Thomas, University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions Library Consortium
  • David Weinberger, Harvard Library Innovation Lab
  • Pamela Wright, National Archives and Records Administration

Notes from Open Committee calls



Technical Advisory


Content Strategy

  • Wednesday, February 5, 2014 (read notes from this call)
  • Wednesday, June 4, 2014  (rescheduled to Wednesday, September 17, 2014)
  • Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Marketing and Outreach

  • Wednesday, March 5, 2014
  • Wednesday, July 2, 2014
  • Friday, November 7, 2014 (rescheduled from Nov. 5)(view agenda)

Technical Advisory



Content Strategy

  • Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Marketing and Outreach

  • Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Technical Advisory

Planning Initiative Supporters

Throughout the DPLA planning initiative, people and institutions from across the country and around the world demonstrated their support for the DPLA by adding their name to a list of supporters. The list below closed shortly following DPLA’s April 2013 launch.

• • •

Tim Achee • Ariel Agor • Seb Ahmad • Anni Alger • Martin Antonetti • Lori Bowen Ayre • Marguerite Avery • Denise Bafti • Carolina Bagattolli • Penny Baker • Sharon Balmforth • Janis Bandelin • Paulo Barbosa • Karol Bartlett • Catherine Baxter • Diane Bicjan • Donald Beagle • Benjamin Bederson • Mike Bell • Keith Belton • Lucy Bernholz • Dave Beveridge • David Billet • Shawn Boike • Philip Bolton • Rachael Bower • Carly B. Boxer • Guillermo Bruno • Austin Burbridge • Maral Boyadjian • Jerry Carbone • Kevin Carney • Mark C. Carollo • Todd A. Carpenter • June Casey • Michael Casey • Ted Catanzarite • John Cayley • David Chase • Gena Chattin • Thomas Ciszek • Carla J. Clark • Kathleen Claudon • Barry Clayton • Richard Clee • Andrea Coffin • Dan Cohen • Michael R. Colford • Mariella Colon • David Cooksey • Edwin Cordova • Mohamed Mamadou Coulibaly • Jill Cousins • Rebel Cummings-Sauls • Craig W. Cutbirth • Deb Czarnik • David Dwiggins • Jane M. Davis • Juan Carlos De Martin • Tyler DeHaven • Kathleen DeLaurenti • Michele DeLia • Sam Diener • Hugh Dillon • Jennifer Dixey • Kristy Dixon • Olga “Regina” Doi • Richard Dowdy • Philippe Dubé • Nadia El Anani • Genny Engel • Jacquelyn Erdman • Giovanni Falcetta • Barbara Felicetti • Meghan Ferriter • Joshua Finnell • Saul Fisher • Gabriela Fitz • John Flack • Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) • Debra Fox • Chris Freeland • Rachel L. Frick • George Friedline • Sarah Frierson • Rita Fuller • Marisa Gallagher • Eileen Gardiner • Peter Gatscha • Benoit Gaucherin • Richard Geldard • Lucia Lovison-Golob • Joshua Gomez • Emily B. Gore • David Green • Hope Greenberg • Greensboro Free Library • Ann Graham • William Gunn • Craig Haggit • Connie Harrison • Jonathan H. Harwell • Michael D. Hattem • Barry Hawkins • Rebekah Heacock • Eric Hellman • Ethan Henderson • Geneva Henry • Kristin E. Hill • John E Hoelscher • M. Howard • Jennifer Howland • Grace Hoyt • HS • Michael Hughes • Gregorio J. Igartua • Patricia Ingersoll • Rebekah Irwin • Alan Jacobs • Maja Bogataj Jancic • Harry Jarvis • Jewish Women’s Archive • Adrian Johns • Matt Jordan •Peter Joyce • Lora-Lynn Kahler • William Karavites • Roxanne Kent-Drury • Rudolph Maier • Cheryl Knott Malone • Martin R. Kalfatovic • Daniel Kanaley • Sheldon Kaye • Susan Kent • Jennifer Gunter King • Aaron Kirschenfeld • Samuel Klein • Meg Kribble • Betsy Kruger • Robert Kuzma • Kristen LaBonte • Jose C. Lacal • Karen Lamoreux • John R. Lang • William Leahy • Ryne Leuzinger •  Maryl Levine • Warren Lewis • Elizabeth Locke • Daniel Lovins • Joe Lucia • Van Ly • Jill Lynch • Marki Lyons • Naomi Hurtienne Magola • Chad Mairn • Scott MacLeod • Carl Malamud • Andrew Mancuso • Martha Mayo • Lissa McCullough • Owen McDermott • Sandra McIntyre • Brad McKenna • Robert McNamara • Brian McNerney • Mark J. McPherson • Amanda Mecke • Rose Flores Medlock • Leslie Melvin • Nathan Merry • Ken Middleton • Mary Molinaro • Jamie Monaco • Tom Moritz • Annette Morris • Margaret Morrissey • Allyson Mower • Jenny Mundy • Peter Murray • Vicki Murray • Jeremy Myntti • James P. Neal, III • Scott Neil • Shava Nerad • Richard & Kathy Nettler • Alex New • Jennifer C. Nickerson-Hoffman • Cheryl Niemeier • Caroline Nolan • Dr. Leonardo Luiz Okumura • Blynne Olivieri • Nancy Orem • Marite Oubrier • Kristi Palmer • The Paper Eye • Andrew Parker • Josie Barnes Parker • Lorna Peterson • John L. Phelps • Robert Poor • Regina Ponce • Jeff Pooley • Leah Prescott • Progressive Global Commons • Joyce Rambo • Joyce Ray • David Read • Jim Reische • Julie Rhea • Colin Rhinesmith • Geoff Richards • Ben Richardson • Maureen Riley • Johannah Rodgers • Stephen Roop • Brian Rosenblum • The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media • Amy Rudersdorf • Abby Smith Rumsey • Mona Sadek • Arlene Sahraie • Don Warner Saklad • Adam W. F. Schaeffer • John Schmitz • Karen G. Schneider • Frank Schofield Sr. • Miguel Sedamano • Vijimeena Shanmugam • Debra S. Shapiro • Eileen Shapiro • Diane Shaw • Jim Shepard • Margot Lee Shetterly • Eleanor Shevlin • Steve Shoemaker • Maura A. Smale • Diane Smith • Stephen J. Smith • Srinivasa Soundararajan • Janet H. Spitz • Donna St Clair • Peter Steele • Gosia Stergios • Alan Stewart • Claire Stewart • Stickerkitty • Tom Stites • Saravan Suba • Peter Suber • Richard Suertudo • Aaron Swartz • Alfred L. Tan • James Tanner • Barbara Taranto • Laurie N. Taylor • Umesh Thakkar • TheAlphaWeb.com • Elizabeth Thomsen • W. Barry Thomson • John Tibbetts • Sayyid A Tirmizi • Felipe Tofani • Barbara Treacy • Maura Tucker • Siva Vaidhyanathan • Ted Stark • Stevens Van Strum • unglue.it • Donald M. Vorp • Jim Wald • Jen Waller • Marcia Warner • Donald Waters • David Weinberger • Sharon Weiner • Ed Williams • Rick Willems • Jessamyn West • Kenny Whitebloom • CM! Winters Palacio •  Tom Wall • Monika E. Wigert • Bob B. Winborn • David Wishnick • Robert M. Worthy • Jody L. Wurl • Joanne Stone Wyman • Michelle Zeamer • Vicky Zeamer • Sonya Zhong • Dawn M. Zillich