Order Up: 10 Thanksgiving Menu Inspirations

Order Up: 10 Thanksgiving Menu Inspirations
Posted by Hillary Brady on November 26, 2014 in News & Blog.

With Thanksgiving just a day away, the heat’s turned up for the perfect kitchen creation. Whether you’re the one cooking the turkey, or are just in charge of expertly arranging the table napkins, creating the perfect Thanksgiving meal is a big responsibility. Take some cues from these Thanksgiving dinner menus from hotels and restaurants across the country, from The New York Public Library.

Gramercy Park Hotel, NY, 1955.
Metropole Hotel, Fargo, ND, 1898.
The New Yorker at Terrace Restaurant, NY, 1930.
Briggs House, Chicago, IL, 1899.
Normandie Café, Detroit, MI, 1905.
Hotel De Dijon, France, 1881.
M.F. Lyons Dining Rooms, NY, 1906.
L’Aiglon, NY, 1947.
Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke, VA, 1899.
The Waldorf Astoria, NY, 1961.