From Book Patrol: A Parade of Thanksgiving Goodness

From Book Patrol: A Parade of Thanksgiving Goodness
Posted by DPLA on November 25, 2014 in Book Patrol, Community Reps Series, News & Blog.
This is the first in a new series of posts from Book Patrol, a blog run by DPLA Community Rep Michael Lieberman that highlights interesting news, images, and related content from all corners of the book universe. Over the coming weeks and months, Michael will scour the DPLA for interesting archival finds and publish them here and on our Tumblr. To learn more about Book Patrol, visit

Did you know that over 2,400 items related to Thanksgiving reside at the DPLA? From Thanksgiving menus from hotels and restaurants across this great land to Thanksgiving postcards to images of the fortunate and less fortunate taking part in Thanksgiving day festivities.

Here’s just a taste of Thanksgiving at the Digital Public Library of America.

Enjoy and and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day, Raphael Tuck & Sons, 1907
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1932 Photograph by Alexander Alland
 Japanese Internment Camp – Gila River Relocation Center, Rivers, Arizona. One of the floats in the Thanksgiving day Harvest Festival, 11/26/1942
Annual Presentation of Thanksgiving Turkey, 11/16/1967 . Then President Lyndon Baines Johnson presiding
 A man with an axe in the midst of a flock of turkeys. Greenville North Carolina,1965
 Woman carries Thanksgiving turkey at Thresher & Kelley Market, Faneuil Hall in Boston, 1952. Photograph by Leslie Jones
 Thanksgiving Dinner Menu. Hotel Scenley, Pittsburgh, PA. 1900
More than 100 wounded African American soldiers, sailors, marines and Coast Guardsmen were feted by The Equestriennes, a group of Government Girls, at an annual Thanksgiving dinner at Lucy D. Slowe Hall, Washington, D. C., Photograph by Helen Levitt, 1944.
Volunteers of America Thanksgiving, 22 November 1956. Thanksgiving dinner line in front of Los Angeles Street Post door