DPLA & Imgur’s Summer of Archives Comes to a Close

DPLA & Imgur’s Summer of Archives Comes to a Close
Posted by DPLA on September 8, 2014 in News & Blog.
A reposted blogpost from the blog. Thanks, Imgur, for having us this summer!

Back in June, we announced our collaboration with the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) for the Summer of Archives–an experimental gallery endeavor that brought tons of historical OC gems to User Submitted. From perfectly looping space GIFs, to famous cats of history, to beautiful book covers, to celestial maps, we’re happy to call this experiment a huge and awesome success.

The very last Summer of Archives post is live in User Submitted right now. We’re going out the same way we came in–with historical GIFs!

Huge thanks to the DPLA for sharing this special content with Imgur all summer long. Be sure to check the DPLA Imgur account to revisit all of the submissions. If your thirst for history cannot be quenched, head over to the DPLA website for a vast array of great content.

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