Press: “Digital Natives Want It Now? – Never Gonna’ Happen!”

Posted by DPLA on June 21, 2011 in Press.

“At least NOT through efforts of the library community, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

“On May 31, I Posted Digital Natives Want It Now!, in which I linked to a YouTube video of a cute little digital native describing what she wanted in her library – NOW! I stated; Unfortunately, there won’t be a Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) in these Digital Natives’ youth. According to Ed Summers’ Blog (he’s a computer code writer at the Library of Congress) INKDROID, the agenda of the recent meeting of DPLA in Amsterdam (not as incongruous as it sounds) was for ‘The purpose of the May 16 and 17 expert working group meeting … is to begin to identify the characteristics of a technical infrastructure for the proposed DPLA.'”

From Steve Matthew’s post on 21st Century Library Blog, “Digital Natives Want It Now? – Never Gonna’ Happen!