DPLA Developer Resources

Want to make something awesome? DPLA is a powerful platform that enables new and transformative uses of our digitized cultural heritage. With an application programming interface (API) and freely reusable data, software developers, researchers, and others can use DPLA to create novel environments for learning, tools for discovery, and engaging apps.


DPLA builds and maintains an open API to encourage the independent development of applications, tools, and resources that make use of data contained in the DPLA platform in new and innovative ways, from anywhere at anytime. We welcome contributions from interested developers who would like to build applications or tools using our API or a bulk download of our dataset. For those who’d like to poke around, the code powering the DPLA portal and the rest of our infrastructure is available on GitHub.

1970s computer lab

Courtesy of Georgia Institute of Technology Library and Information Center via Digital Library of Georgia.

What else can you use?

Have you made something cool? Want to show it off? If so, let us know at apps@dp.la.

Find out more information

To learn more about the technology backing DPLA, head on over to DPLA Pro. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know at tech@dp.la.