Recreational Tourism in the Mountain West

Recreational Tourism in the Mountain West


"Photo showing Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains; Teton County, Wyoming." Courtesy of the University of Utah - J. Willard Marriott Library via Mountain West Digital Library.

In This Exhibition

Since before the creation of the first National Parks and Wilderness areas, the Mountain West region has provided ample recreational opportunities in its wide open spaces and rocky terrains. The mountains, deserts, and plains have given visitors the chance to commune with nature and participate in a plethora of outdoor sports and activities. Utah, in particular, but the rest of the Mountain West states (Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho) generally, has unique natural settings for many recreational activities that continue to be enjoyed by tourists from across the world.

The impact of tourism on the economy and development of the region has been largely positive. However, tourism also increases the human footprint in natural areas, landmarks, and historic sites. This exhibition describes the benefits to the region and its visitors, as well as some of the impacts that tourism has on the natural environment and other economic activities.

Credit: This exhibition was created as part of the DPLA’s Public Library Partnerships Project by collaborators from Mountain West Digital Library. Exhibition organizer: Della Yeager.