Eastern Park Landscapes

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Panoramic view of White Rocks, Great Smoky Mountains National Park from a fire tower, 1936.

There are 173 national parks, monuments, battlefields, seashores, recreation areas, birthplaces, and heritage areas in just the eastern region of the United States, and this doesn’t include state counterparts. All of these National Park Service units are split up into two regions, the North East and South East regions. Among the eastern national parks, Acadia National Park in Maine was the first to be formed in 1919. Acadia is over 45,000 acres and is home to the tallest mountain on the Atlantic coast. Congaree National Park in South Carolina is the latest to receive the status of national park in 2003. Everglades National Park in Florida is the largest park in the region cover over 1.5 million acres making it the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina remains the most visited national park in America.