Products of Mark’s Drug Company

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"Shake Well Before Using," label used by druggist E. H. Cormontan, Fosston, Minnesota. Courtesy of the East Polk Heritage Center via Minnesota Digital Library.

"Mark's Lung Balsam with Tar. For the cure of all diseases of the lungs, throat and chest, such as Cough, Cold, Asthma, Bronchitis, La Grip and will prevent Consumption when taken in time."

—Mark's Household Book of Valuable Information

Mark's Drug Company offered a wide variety of products. In addition to more dubious patent medicine concoctions, the company also produced and sold more standard medical supplies like cough syrup, quinine capsules, and denatured alcohol.

Among Mark's most notable patent medicines were the celebrated "Mark's Kidney and Liver Balsam" and the "Lung Balsam with Tar." Other remedies included:

• Little Liver Pills
• Itch Cure
• Hair Oil
• Strengthening Drops
• Eye Salve
• Dr. Bendeke's Eye Water
• Kill Pain Porous Plasters
• Mark's Sewing Machine Oil
• Goodie's Barbwire Liniment
• Physic Capsures for Horses

Mark's delivery wagons were emblazoned with slogans and the reminder, "If your dealer does not carry this medicine, write P. M. Mark, Fosston, Minnesota!"