Mobilizing Beyond Lawrence

Lawrence strike meeting, New York.

Throughout the strike, sympathetic actions were held in cities and towns across the nation. Meetings were held up and down the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic region. Beyond Lawrence, the most active workers to take up the cause were in New York City. Unions, political parties, and sympathetic organizations would hold daily gatherings to keep each other updated on the events occurring in Lawrence. These assemblies often entailed the passing of resolutions, raising of funds to be sent to Lawrence strikers, and the organizing of acts of solidarity in their respective locales.

The workers of New York City were very interested in the events of the strike. When Lawrence strikers' children were sent to the city during the "children's exodus", sympathetic New Yorkers jumped at the chance to have the honor of hosting a Lawrence child. On the day of their arrival in the city, a crowd of a thousand people met the strikers' children at Grand Central Station and led a solidarity parade through the streets of the city. Lawrence children were also sent to other places like Philadelphia and Barre, Vermont.