Anti-War Demonstrations

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WSB-TV newsfilm clip of demonstrators protesting the appearance of United States Secretary of State Dean Rusk at the University of Georgia Law Day; portions of Rusk's speech; and his comments to reporters as he leaves the event, Athens, Georgia, 1968 May 4.

Protests against the Vietnam War were sometimes directed against government officials.  When Secretary of State Dean Rusk spoke at the University of Georgia's Law Day on May 4, 1968, members of the Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC), hosted for the weekend by the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), protested Rusk’s appearance as well as United States involvement in the Vietnam War. Policemen stood across the street and observed the demonstrators as they marched.  Originally appointed by President Kennedy, Rusk became increasingly unpopular with war opponents as he continued to serve under President Johnson; his appearances were often targeted by anti-war protestors.

Anti-war demonstrations sometimes emerged as part of marches and rallies memorializing important events such as the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., thus illustrating the close tie between civil rights activism and peace activism.