Monique Szpak

Culture Collage


Culture Collage is a simple tool that lets you search the Digital Public Library of America's image archive and view the results as a streaming river of images, just keep scrolling to fetch more. Clicking on an image lets you view details, save it to a scrapbook or hop over to without losing your place in the stream. You can meander and muse without distraction. Your scrapbooks are saved in your browser cache, so there's no need to sign-up or log-in or even remember to 'save'. Searches can be linked by using keywords in the URL (e.g., allowing themed image streams to be shared. For those interested in simultaneously searching the holdings of the DPLA, Europeana (European Union), and Trove (Australia), check out the "International Lanes" feature. "Culture Collage - DPLA" is now also available as a web app that plugs into Microsoft Office 2013 and lets you search and embed images without leaving the page.