Dean Farrell



MetaDash, an extension to Metadata Explorer, is an attempt to explore national digital libraries, pan-national digital libraries and libraries in general, in a different, hopefully useful way. Use MetaDash to search the DPLA, Europeana or Digital New Zealand for a term or terms and view the metadata associated with your search. The first chart shows the total number of items split out by metadata type. The second graph shows the distribution of your search term(s). Note: it uses a square root scale to better show outliers with the bulk of the returned values. Hover over a bar or circle to see the value returned. The final graph is a treemap which shows the metadata terms returned. Click the graph to expand a section. Once expanded you can click a term's box to search for it. Click outside the treemap to close the section. The metadata fields returned vary slightly by provider based on which fields can be returned as facet counts. This was done to reduce API calls to the providers. Any questions or comments can be directed to Dean Farrell (farrelldlfarrell[at]