National Technical University of Athens

MINT Services


MINT services compose a web based platform that was designed and developed to facilitate aggregation initiatives for cultural heritage content and metadata in Europe. It is employed from the first steps of such workflows, corresponding to the ingestion, mapping and aggregation of metadata records, and proceeds to implement a variety of remediation approaches for the resulting repository. Users can define their metadata crosswalks in the DPLA schema with the help of a visual mappings editor for the XSL language. Mapping is performed with simple drag-and-drop or input operations which are then translated to the corresponding code. The mappings editor visualizes both the input and target XSD, in an intuitive interface that provides access and navigation of the structure and data of the input schema, and the structure, documentation and restrictions of the target one. It supports string manipulation functions, constant or controlled value (target schema enumerations) assignment, conditional mappings and value mappings between input and target value lists. Mappings can be applied to ingested records, edited, downloaded and shared as templates between users of the platform. Preview interfaces present to users the steps of the aggregation including the current input XML record, the XSLT of their mappings, the transformed record in the DPLA schema, subsequent transformations from the target schema to other models of interest, and HTML rendering in the DPLA portal of each xml record.