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DPLA Development Portal

This is a portal for the community developing the Digital Public Library of America platform.

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The Digital Public Library of America platform will be a set of services to gather metadata about content and collections made accessible through the DPLA and to enable developers to use this metadata to build new applications and and integrate it into existing sites and services. The platform will provide information and services openly and to all without restriction, as per the DPLA’s principles for technical development.

One of the main challenges facing the DPLA is figuring out exactly how this platform will unfold. Tasked with this challenge is the interim Dev Core, a small group of people dedicated to developing the platform, in public and collaboratively.

Beta Platform Development


  • Provide a technology platform that supports the DPLA front-end
  • Build a compelling front-end that demonstrates the potential of the DPLA platform
  • Provide an API for open access to meta-data within the repository
  • Deliver by April 2013



High level requirements are driven by the Platform Scenarios and the front-end use cases. Additional requirements will be generated by the design of the DPLA front-end. These requirements are translated into detailed use cases describing the specific functionality that the platform will implement.

Technical Architecture

API Documentation

Filing Bugs

Bugs should be filed in the DPLA Redmine instance


Metadata schema version 3 (Google doc)
Platform test data sources

Old schemas and tests:

v2 (Items, Collections, Partners) (pdf) (Google doc - comments enabled)

Alpha Platform Development

The DPLA technical prototype was presented at the West Coast Plenary in April 2012. It provides an API for accessing several data sets containing a range of bibliographic and collection data. For more details, see the alpha development wiki

Project information

Communications and Resources

Contacting us
  • mailing list (unmoderated, open...sub/unsub yourself)
  • email to dev core:
Other resources

Related projects and developers kit

See also the Developers section of the Community Portal.