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Legal Issues

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This workstream will make recommendations regarding how to approach and influence the legal and copyright environment in order to support equitable knowledge distribution in a digital world. This track is focused on assessing legal and copyright issues such as digital lending, orphan works, international works, and strategies for tiered access, or how to deal with vendors and materials under various kinds of restrictions.

Meetings and notes


Big issues: We need both to get done what we can today, as well as to consider a package of law reforms that will help. Issues that had the most energy around them: the doctrine of first sale in a digital era, as well as orphan works. But we also must set aside issues that are out of scope (e.g., the work-for-hire issues associated with faculty work in universities).


Jim Neal, Columbia University

Pamela Samuelson, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology; Berkeley Law School and School of Information

Questions for Discussion

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Special thanks to Pam Samuelson for developing an initial list of discussion questions.

Suggested Resources

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For additional articles and blog posts on the Google Books Settlement, see Media and Blog Mentions: Google Books Coverage & Thoughts

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  • Greg Cram, The New York Public Library
  • Wilhelmina Randtke, Florida State University Libraries
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