The content on this wiki is being preserved for historical purposes, but is not being maintained and is probably no longer accurate.

For current information about DPLA, see the DPLA main site.

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Many partners are helping to make DPLA possible, including universities, public libraries, audience groups, and developer teams.

For recent work on the project, see the list of recent changes. To edit the wiki, please create an account.

For recent discussions about the project, see the set of questions and the main talk page. For current and future Beta Sprint proposals, see the sprinter category.



What data and services do you want to share with DPLA? What do want to access via the DPLA, what interfaces would you like to have available?

Data and services wanted

  • Universal IDs for works and expressions
  • A moderated community of shareres: a list of ideas, links to code, project status displays, eral time chanegs/commits

Data and services to offer

  • "who cites what" data for a bunch of unversal IDs (books, articles, webpages) wikicite
  • Aggregated comentary on source quality wikicite


DPLA is working on a platform. Many partners, including the beta sprint teams, have developed tools, interfaces, scripts and other software to develop their collections and serve their communities. Please link to your own code and data repositories below, or note how people can request access to them.

Developers Kit

Existing or pending projects working with the DPLA are listed below. Each should have a link to a demo, code, and any APIs. Using the Project template

Download code

Harvard Library Innovation Lab

U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

OAI metadata harvester
SourceForge release (2005), OAI-PMH project releases (2002-2004)
DLF/DCC beta sprint services

These are RESTful web services which expose nearly all data in our item repository, and some data in our collection registry, as JSON. The API for these services is not currently well documented. (Feel free to ask for details.)

Related web services

Collection Achievements and Profiles System (CAPS)

Quick, throw-away demonstration implementation of CAPS:


Download data

Please list services oferring bulk download of data, or information on API keys allowing scripted access to data.
Please also note any special data formats you want to be sure are handled properly.
Harvard Library Innovation Lab data
Request an API key from Matt Phillips

Read specs

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