DPLA Tutorials

This space is home to materials meant to help you better understand the DPLA and its incredible range of materials, and to potentially share that understanding with others. If you have DPLA tutorials of your own that you think others might find useful, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at info@dp.la.

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How to search DPLA


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This 12-minute video tutorial, created by Rebekah Cummings of Mountain West Digital Library (MWDL), shows users how to search DPLA by basic search, timeline, map, exhibition, and app library, and includes a short introduction on what resources are available in DPLA. For more information about MWDL, visit their site.

DPLA “Guide on the Side” Tutorial


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Developed by Jessica Chung and Pam Schwartz, San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science, this interactive tutorial shows you how the DPLA website can assist you in your research and suggest ways the DPLA’s resources can be used. Schwartz and Chung describe it as “intended to assist undergraduate students in an introductory history class who are working on an assignment that requires them to analyze a primary source. ”Using this interactive guide window, users will learn how to (1) browse for items in the DPLA using its Map and Timeline features; (2) find primary source materials; (d) examine item information found in the DPLA; and (4) identify other resources to check for your research.

DPLA Screencast Tour

Linda W. Braun, a library consultant and educator, offers this screencast covering the DPLA front-end discovery portal.

“Librarian’s Quest” Blogpost Tutorial

Librarian's quest tutorial blogpost screen

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A blog post written by Margie Myer, Library Media Specialist at Charlevoix Public Schools (MI), introducing DPLA and its functionality, offering insight into how DPLA can be used in the classroom.