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The DPLA would not exist without the collaboration of our Content Hubs and Service Hubs, the organizations that both aggregate metadata from their partners— the library, museum, archive, and cultural heritage institutions from across the US—and then contribute it to the DPLA. Together, these institutions bring together millions of records about digital texts, photographs, manuscript materials, artwork and more available for use through the DPLA portal and API.

Read a full description of the DPLA Content and Service Hub models »

DPLA Hubs’ and their partners’ collections enjoy increased levels of discovery and use. Since joining DPLA, the Minnesota Digital Library has seen a 55% increase in visits and 62% in unique visitors. The Mountain West Digital Library has seen a bump of 105% in visits and 109% in unique visitors. This traffic is passed on to the contributing institutions that have shared content with these state-wide partners.

Apply to become a DPLA Hub

Beginning in 2015, organizations interested in becoming a Content Hub or Service Hub can apply during two open call cycles beginning each January and July. Applications are meant to aid organizations in understanding and preparing for the responsibilities of participating in the DPLA network as a Hub.

In general, a Service Hub represents a community of institutions to DPLA, provides their partners’ aggregated metadata to DPLA through a single source, and offers tiered services to create a local community of practice. Content Hubs manage very large repositories of data and typically maintain a one-to-one relationship with DPLA. We encourage potential partners to review the applications for more information about the Hubs network, and specifically how Content Hubs and Service Hubs differ.

2015 Cycle 1 Applications (due January 16, 2015)

If you have questions about your ability to fulfill Hub commitments or which application to complete, please contact the DPLA content staff (

My organization doesn’t meet the criteria for Service or Content Hub

If your organization is interested in contributing content to DPLA, but you do not meet the requirements above, please check to see if there is a service hub in your state or region. If there is, contact them—they want to hear from you!

If there is not a service hub in your state or region, contact other digital repositories in your state or region, including existing collaboratives, major university libraries, museums, state libraries, state archives, and other large cultural heritage institutions to see if conversations about building a service hub have already begun. If they haven’t, start one!  Once you’ve got a working group together, contact us to set up a webinar.