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Metadata Application Profile

Metadata Application Profile

The DPLA Metadata Application Profile (MAP) is designed to build on the experience of the Europeana Data Model (EDM). It incorporates feedback from the DPLA community and digital hub pilot participants to create a balanced framework that allows us to accommodate existing and emerging data models for library, archive, and museum resources.

DPLA MAP Version 3 is targeted towards exposing contributed metadata via the current version of the DPLA API. We anticipate continuing to evolve this model over time in response to ongoing community input and to extend the functionality provided by the DPLA in its API and its public portal.

You can read more about the DPLA MAP in a short white paper — “An introduction to the DPLA metadata model” — which offers a detailed introduction to the DPLA MAP, describes how we harvest metadata, and outlines the types of metadata that our partners provide us.

Download the DPLA Metadata Application Profile (V3)