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Public Library Partnerships Project

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The Digital Public Library of America’s Public Library Partnerships Project, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, works with existing DPLA Service Hubs to provide digital skills training for public librarians and connect them sustainably with state and regional resources for digitizing, describing, and exhibiting their cultural heritage content.  This training is designed to reach public librarians in libraries with special collections that want to share their content with a broader audience but may not have the resources to do so.

Through the project, the DPLA and its Hub partners collaborate towards the achievement several key goals:

  • Train public librarians in digital skills related to content selection, rights, scanning, digital preservation, metadata, writing for the web, and digital exhibition curation
  • Foster sustainable partnerships between Hubs and public libraries
  • Create new pathways through the Hubs for public library participation in DPLA
  • Develop, implement, revise, and publicly share curricula for digital skills training as models for future use

In this pilot phase of the project, DPLA works with state and regional Hubs–Digital Commonwealth, Digital Library of Georgia, Minnesota Digital Library, and Mountain West Digital Library–to write and iterate workshop curricula based on documented best practices. Relying on the Hubs’ expertise in digitization support and their networks of local partners, the Hubs, supported by DPLA staff, host workshops for interested public librarians in their states or regions. These workshops are designed to give participating public librarians new skills for creating and maintain digital content in the context of a deeper understanding of that process and how it is supported through their particular Hub. After these workshops, the Hubs will continue to assist public librarians as they organize and digitize content and collaborate with one another to produce digital exhibitions. The project provides the foundation for a long-term relationship between local public libraries, state and regional Hubs, and DPLA that will allow public library content to be aggregated and made available at state, regional, and national levels.

In addition to fostering important relationships and encouraging the creation of new digital content, the project will produce tested curricular resources for digital skills training that can be useful to cultural heritage professionals broadly. Through an iterative process of writing, implementation, revision, and further implementation, DPLA and the Hubs will have the opportunity to test and document best practices and share their findings publicly.

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Scheduled PLPP Trainings:
4/16/2014, Digital Commonwealth at Boston Public Library, Boston, MA
5/1/2014, Minnesota Digital Library at Minneapolis Central branch, Hennepin County Library, MN
5/20/2014, Mountain West Digital Library at Utah State Library, Salt Lake City, UT
5/28/2014, Digital Library of Georgia at Shurling Branch, Macon, GA
6/18/2014, Digital Commonwealth at Jones Library, Amherst, MA
7/9/2014, Minnesota Digital Library at Duluth Public Library, Duluth, MN
7/11/2014, Minnesota Digital Library at Blue Earth County Library, Mankato, MN
7/16/2014, Digital Commonwealth at SAILS Inc., Lakeville, MA
8/6/2014, Digital Library of Georgia at Live Oak Public Libraries, Savannah, GA
8/28/2014, Mountain West Digital Library at Salt Lake City Public Library, Salt Lake City, UT
9/9/2014, Mountain West Digital Library at Weber State University Library, Ogden, UT
9/16/2014, Minnesota Digital Library at Detroit Lakes Public Library, Detroit Lakes, MN
9/30/2014, Digital Library of Georgia at East Central Georgia Regional Library System HQ, Augusta, GA