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The DPLA is a platform that enables new and transformative uses of our digitized cultural heritage. The DPLA's application programming interface (API) and open data can be used by software developers, researchers, and others to create novel environments for learning, tools for discovery, and engaging apps.

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Term Frequency Map

Dean Farrell

See how your search term(s) frequency changes through time in DPLA.

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DPLA Licenses

Dean Farrell

A treemap graphic that shows the top 575 licenses in the DPLA corpus, divided into four clusters.

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DPLA Visual Search Prototype

Schuyler Lindberg

A prototype visual search interface that explores content from the Digital Public Library of America.

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Eric Phetteplace

See relevant results from the Digital Public Library of America on any Wikipedia article using this Google Chrome extension.

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Term vs. Term

Owen Mundy

Compare the number of search results for two phrases from the Digital Public Library of America.

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Eric Phetteplace and Jake Orlowitz

Want to see DPLA's related text and images for any Wikipedia article? FindDPLA is an easy-to-install tool that pulls up relevant content from the DPLA any time you view a Wikipedia article.

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Historical Cats

Adam Malantonio

A Twitter bot that grabs an item at random via the DPLA's API platform and tweets it out.

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Metadata Games

Tiltfactor Labs

Metadata Games is a digital game platform for gathering data on photo, audio, and moving image artifacts. The platform entices players to visit archives and explore humanities content while contributing to vital records. Metadata Games is fueled in part by digital materials contained in DPLA via its partners.

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DPLA Search Widget

Dean Farrell and Josh Wilson

Search the DPLA right from your webpage in three easy steps! DPLA Search Widget allows you to easily install a DPLA search box on your website or WordPress pages.

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Include content from the DPLA in your EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) profile in the form of a widget on the right side of your screen.

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DPLA Discovery

Steven Anderson, Tom Morris, and Chris Strauber

DPLA Discovery is a widget that aims to provide multiple discovery interfaces in javascript that can be used in any website.

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DPLA by State and County allows you to see how well the DPLA represents each state and each county within a state.

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